PS Audio is an audio component manufacturer based and hand-made in Boulder, Colorado. 

A strict adherence to high-quality engineering has driven PS Audio to create some of the finest music reproduction systems in the world. Their modern, handcrafted design also ensures that PS Audio products fit into any living space.

Their range includes disc players, amplifiers and preamps, and is a passionate audio lovers dream. Even the keenest ear will be awe-struck at PS Audio’s crystal-clear sound, perfect from the deepest bass to the warmest highs.

At Tivoli, we have a complete dedication to sound — in fact, we’re pretty obsessed. Offering only the best quality hi-fi equipment, we take a consultative approach to help you get the right system for your taste in music, budget and home layout.

So whether you’re setting up an entirely new system or looking to revolutionise your existing system, we can help. We understand the quest for the best possible music experience because we are music lovers too. With our 9 demonstration rooms and our 40 plus years of experience we will help you find the sound you have been looking for.

 We guarantee customer satisfaction by ensuring we only stock the very best in high-end audio, from legendary premium brands.

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— $5,495

A ground breaking product that stores an internal memory of the music extracted from a CD. It unlocks the musical magic and then sends perfect digital audio to your loudspeakers


Perfect Wave Transport

Perfect Wave Transport

Was $3,199

Now $2,990

— $2,595

— $5,895

What's even better than a sound system that's going to revolutionise the way you listen to music? That we're giving you the crucial hard drive component installed and formatted for FREE!

— $5,495

A unique combination of a full-featured digital to analog converter, that in combination with a digital source produces music filled with rich textures and toe-tapping energy

DirectStream Junior DAC

— $5,895

Absolute Sound’s product of the year that uncovers the potential of your entire music library by storing all formats and sending it to your loudspeakers for a renewed sense of audio enjoyment.

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Music. It's all we do.

Steller Gain Cell

DirectStream Junior DAC

DirectStream DAC

DirectStream uncovers all the missing information hiding in your digital audio media and provides a renewed sense of enjoyment when listening to your library.

— $8,295

The BHK Signature stereo amp can drive any loudspeaker to musical perfection and is the more important element in your music reproduction chain.

Baskin King Stereo Power Amp

— $11,395

Power Regenerator Model

— $7,490

Feel 100% confident that the P12 will provide pure and safe power for your audio and video products under any condition